Coordinated effort through the Study Abroad Office and the Education Department's
EdD in P-20 Program at Murray State University.
Responsible for:
     - Transporting equipment to South Korea.
     - Scheduling and planning interviews and content focus with group leader.
     - Upholding a high-level of professionalism and cultural etiquette.
     - Full Production of content:
          - Cinematography: capturing b-roll, documenting activities of the group, interview set-ups.
          - Audio: recording environmental sound and using lav mics on interview subjects.
          - Conducting interviews: preparing prompts, making subjects feel comfortable.
          - Editing: color correction, audio mixing, crafting narrative from each individual’s unique perspective.
          - Photography: capturing candid, posed and group photos; post-processing; cataloging; applying                         appropriate keywords and metadata.

Additional Work

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